The Emergence of DJ Lit.uation


Hey friends! So, as I’m sure you are aware, it’s been awhile since I last posted. Things have been busy, and fun, and WordPress kind of made it’s way to the back of my head. We are just returning from winter break; it was an eventful one to say the least. Out of all the fun things I did, by far the best was heading to the Bahamas with a school club. While there, we did business consulting, business seminar teaching, education in schools, and service work, among other things. I got to meet so many people and make great new friends, but the person I got to know the most was myself.

As you all know, I love EDM. For the last few years, I have messed around with DJing and producing, but I have never committed to chasing my dreams. I guess it was a fear thing. What would happen if I committed to being a full-time, EDM DJ and failed? Would I have just wasted several years of my life where I could have been making money in a steady 40-hour job? I never had faith in my ability to success–until I went to the Bahamas. Just talking to people and showing them my music was a huge success. Everyone told me I had a shot at making it and that my passion and energy for EDM was contagious. I realized that once I got back home, it was time to give EDM my all.

However, DJ KJ Beatz had to go. KJ Beatz was associated with self-doubt and fear. It was time to establish a new brand, a brand that would spread quickly. It was time for DJ Lit.uation to emerge. It comes from “lit situation.” Every time I DJ, you’re gonna experience a “lit situation,” or a lituation. I quickly got to work on revamping my SoundCloud and social media pages in order to have convergence between all platforms. After that was completed, I began promoting myself harder than everyone. Using face-to-face advertising, social media connections, and word of mouth from my friends and family, things started to pick up quickly. I increased my follower basis on SoundCloud from 44 to 96 in 3 days. But no matter how many followers I have, the real focus is the music.

So without further a delay, here is the first DJ Lit.uation track, “Stockholm Syndrome 2.0.” Enjoy, and please leave me any constructive criticism in the comments. And if you like it, please share it with anyone you think would appreciate it!

Thanks fam!


A Thank Post

As the semester winds down, I wanted to take the time to thank all of you who have read, followed, and supported my blog. EDM is certainly a niche genre, so it was really cool for me to see how many people interacted with my posts. I hope you enjoyed the content I have provided and would be willing to give me suggestions in the comments of anything you would like to see in the future. This is by no means my last blog post, but I will certainly be blogging a lot less. Expect to see me post when absolute bangers are released that need to be shared or when really cool news in the EDM world is put out. Until then, I hope you all have great holidays, find some sick music, turn up the volume, and chill over the next few weeks.

Oh, and I couldn’t leave you without throwing a track your way. In sticking with the song I put up on Monday, here is another killer Andrew Bayer tune. Enjoy, and talk to you all soon!

Track of the Week: Celestial

This week’s track to focus on is “Celestial” by Andrew Bayer. If you enjoy trance music, this song will blow you away. It’s beautifully mastered, and it speaks to the soul. This is one of the last chances if you have a song you want me to spotlight on here. Let me know in the comments!

Throwback Thursday: We Found Love

With how many Throwback Thursday I’ve done, I can’t believe I haven’t put this song up yet. I don’t care what music you are into; if you don’t like this song, there may not be any hope for you. This is actually the first time I have seen the music video, and it is quite interesting. It shows a lot of provocative situations, a lot of fun and enjoyment, the beautiful Rihanna, and the goofy version of Calvin Harris from four years ago. It is worth the watch.

Humpday Hotlist: 12/2/15

Okay, so to be honest, I haven’t been too happy with the EDM being put out recently. Even Hardwell, my favorite artist, has a remix album of his album “United We Are” that is being released soon, and I only like one or two songs on it. I don’t know if the music just isn’t good or I am just not feeling EDM right now, but I was still able to gather together four songs that I’m feeling this week.

The first song, “Vader,” has an Oliver Heldens feel. In fact, it sounds eerily similar to “Gecko,” but I’ll let it slide.

The second song is by Waysons, an artist I’ve never heard before, but I can dig his style in this track.

The third song was my Track of the Week, and it was included in this playlist simply because I couldn’t find any other good songs this week.

The final song is a remix of Markus Schulz, and it’s super chill. It’s a good song to zone out to while studying for finals.

Shoutout to my boy Oscar for reposting the first two songs on SoundCloud so I could hear them. If you have a song you want to hear, be sure to let me know. I always love to expand the artists I listen to, so hit me up with any suggestions you might have.

Track of the Week: Can’t Forget You

This week’s TOTW features a new style. This is the first future bass song I have put up, and it is really interesting. The introduction makes it sound like a trap song, and then it goes into a cool vocal section. The drop is unique in that there isn’t a constant kick on the downbeat. Maybe that lingo won’t make sense to you, but hopefully, you will still like this song as much as me.

Flashback Friday: Sweet Nothing

Since I was too busy stuffing my face with turkey yesterday, I forgot to post. And since I was too busy still stuffing my face all day today, I just realized I should get something up. Although I missed Throwback Thursday, this will be a Flashback Friday. Same concept, though.

Pretty much every song Calvin Harris has put out has been a banger. “Sweet Nothing” is not an exception to that. If you are itching to hear a particular EDM song from a few years ago, let me know!

Humpday Hotlist: Thanksgiving Week

As I went to post today, I had a serious lack of motivation. I have been blogging about EDM for several months now, and it is beginning to become redundant. I curate songs from hosting sites and write a small blurb about them. I don’t know if many people see my information or if they even care about it. But, I then realized how pessimistic I was being.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on our lives and give thanks for the positives. And this blog has definitely been a positive. EDM is a huge passion of mine, and although it may be a drag to have to post several times a week for a class I am enrolled in, I am getting to share my passion with people all over the world. Who cares if 200 people see my posts or if 2 people see my posts. At least someone somewhere in the world got to hear songs that I find appreciation in.

This post is for those who have continued to follow my posts over the months. There are some interesting tracks in this hotlist I am sure you will enjoy, but what I want you to get most out of this post is my thanks. Thanks for showing my small blog some love and for continuing to read. You are all the real MVPs.

And seriously, if you have an artist or a track you would like to see featured in a post, just let me know in the comments. Have a great holiday!

Track of the Week: Place on Earth

This week’s TOTW features a new song set to be released on December 7th. It has great vocals and piano and a huge drop that comes out of nowhere. I think it’s a nifty track, and if you like EDM, I believe you will, too.

If you have a song you would like to see featured in this blog, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Throwback Thursday: Levels

I would be willing to put money on saying everyone has heard this song at some point or another. During my upperclassman high school days, this song was poppin’. I first heard it at a frat party at Pitt that my bro took me to (interestingly enough, I heard most of my first EDM songs this way). From that point on, I began to hear it all over the place: at high school dances, at basketball games, at McDonald’s… everywhere.

It’s just one of those feel-good songs. There was a time a few years ago where I had heard it so much to the point where I wanted to break any radio playing it. But, I am back to enjoying it–in moderation. The best part about this track has to be the vocals. Show me someone who says he or she doesn’t get the urge to sing along whenever they hear “Levels” played, and I’ll show you a liar. However, if you can honestly say you haven’t heard this before, be sure to comment below so we can find a way for me to get you your money.