The Emergence of DJ Lit.uation


Hey friends! So, as I’m sure you are aware, it’s been awhile since I last posted. Things have been busy, and fun, and WordPress kind of made it’s way to the back of my head. We are just returning from winter break; it was an eventful one to say the least. Out of all the fun things I did, by far the best was heading to the Bahamas with a school club. While there, we did business consulting, business seminar teaching, education in schools, and service work, among other things. I got to meet so many people and make great new friends, but the person I got to know the most was myself.

As you all know, I love EDM. For the last few years, I have messed around with DJing and producing, but I have never committed to chasing my dreams. I guess it was a fear thing. What would happen if I committed to being a full-time, EDM DJ and failed? Would I have just wasted several years of my life where I could have been making money in a steady 40-hour job? I never had faith in my ability to success–until I went to the Bahamas. Just talking to people and showing them my music was a huge success. Everyone told me I had a shot at making it and that my passion and energy for EDM was contagious. I realized that once I got back home, it was time to give EDM my all.

However, DJ KJ Beatz had to go. KJ Beatz was associated with self-doubt and fear. It was time to establish a new brand, a brand that would spread quickly. It was time for DJ Lit.uation to emerge. It comes from “lit situation.” Every time I DJ, you’re gonna experience a “lit situation,” or a lituation. I quickly got to work on revamping my SoundCloud and social media pages in order to have convergence between all platforms. After that was completed, I began promoting myself harder than everyone. Using face-to-face advertising, social media connections, and word of mouth from my friends and family, things started to pick up quickly. I increased my follower basis on SoundCloud from 44 to 96 in 3 days. But no matter how many followers I have, the real focus is the music.

So without further a delay, here is the first DJ Lit.uation track, “Stockholm Syndrome 2.0.” Enjoy, and please leave me any constructive criticism in the comments. And if you like it, please share it with anyone you think would appreciate it!

Thanks fam!


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