Humpday Hotlist: Thanksgiving Week

As I went to post today, I had a serious lack of motivation. I have been blogging about EDM for several months now, and it is beginning to become redundant. I curate songs from hosting sites and write a small blurb about them. I don’t know if many people see my information or if they even care about it. But, I then realized how pessimistic I was being.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on our lives and give thanks for the positives. And this blog has definitely been a positive. EDM is a huge passion of mine, and although it may be a drag to have to post several times a week for a class I am enrolled in, I am getting to share my passion with people all over the world. Who cares if 200 people see my posts or if 2 people see my posts. At least someone somewhere in the world got to hear songs that I find appreciation in.

This post is for those who have continued to follow my posts over the months. There are some interesting tracks in this hotlist I am sure you will enjoy, but what I want you to get most out of this post is my thanks. Thanks for showing my small blog some love and for continuing to read. You are all the real MVPs.

And seriously, if you have an artist or a track you would like to see featured in a post, just let me know in the comments. Have a great holiday!


Humpday Hotlist: Top 5 House Tracks of the Week

Today marks the first Humpday Hotlist. As I initially got my start in the world of EDM, I had a certain affinity for progressive house and electro house. However, over the last few months, my tastes have shifted towards house. I enjoy the sound of the compressed piano that is present in many of these tracks. It adds a certain ambiance to each track that it’s present in, and it’s something I believe everyone can enjoy.

This playlist includes two songs from Don Diablo, including a brand new song that was just released with Tiesto. You will also find a really cool song by Mike Mago that crosses over into tropical house. “Alone No More” is a track by a lesser known DJ and producer, Philip George, that I can’t seem to put on pause. I think the coolest song on this list, though, is the Firebeatz remix of “The Party,” which itself was a remix of “This Is How We Do It,” a song which debuted in 1995. Enjoy!