Throwback Thursday: Levels

I would be willing to put money on saying everyone has heard this song at some point or another. During my upperclassman high school days, this song was poppin’. I first heard it at a frat party at Pitt that my bro took me to (interestingly enough, I heard most of my first EDM songs this way). From that point on, I began to hear it all over the place: at high school dances, at basketball games, at McDonald’s… everywhere.

It’s just one of those feel-good songs. There was a time a few years ago where I had heard it so much to the point where I wanted to break any radio playing it. But, I am back to enjoying it–in moderation. The best part about this track has to be the vocals. Show me someone who says he or she doesn’t get the urge to sing along whenever they hear “Levels” played, and I’ll show you a liar. However, if you can honestly say you haven’t heard this before, be sure to comment below so we can find a way for me to get you your money.