Humpday Hotlist: 12/2/15

Okay, so to be honest, I haven’t been too happy with the EDM being put out recently. Even Hardwell, my favorite artist, has a remix album of his album “United We Are” that is being released soon, and I only like one or two songs on it. I don’t know if the music just isn’t good or I am just not feeling EDM right now, but I was still able to gather together four songs that I’m feeling this week.

The first song, “Vader,” has an Oliver Heldens feel. In fact, it sounds eerily similar to “Gecko,” but I’ll let it slide.

The second song is by Waysons, an artist I’ve never heard before, but I can dig his style in this track.

The third song was my Track of the Week, and it was included in this playlist simply because I couldn’t find any other good songs this week.

The final song is a remix of Markus Schulz, and it’s super chill. It’s a good song to zone out to while studying for finals.

Shoutout to my boy Oscar for reposting the first two songs on SoundCloud so I could hear them. If you have a song you want to hear, be sure to let me know. I always love to expand the artists I listen to, so hit me up with any suggestions you might have.


Humpday Hotlist: Thanksgiving Week

As I went to post today, I had a serious lack of motivation. I have been blogging about EDM for several months now, and it is beginning to become redundant. I curate songs from hosting sites and write a small blurb about them. I don’t know if many people see my information or if they even care about it. But, I then realized how pessimistic I was being.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on our lives and give thanks for the positives. And this blog has definitely been a positive. EDM is a huge passion of mine, and although it may be a drag to have to post several times a week for a class I am enrolled in, I am getting to share my passion with people all over the world. Who cares if 200 people see my posts or if 2 people see my posts. At least someone somewhere in the world got to hear songs that I find appreciation in.

This post is for those who have continued to follow my posts over the months. There are some interesting tracks in this hotlist I am sure you will enjoy, but what I want you to get most out of this post is my thanks. Thanks for showing my small blog some love and for continuing to read. You are all the real MVPs.

And seriously, if you have an artist or a track you would like to see featured in a post, just let me know in the comments. Have a great holiday!

Humpday Hotlist: Above & Beyond

Okay, so I may or may not be currently obsessed with Above & Beyond. And therefore, I may or may not have dedicated this whole playlist to the group’s music (I did, as you can see by looking above). No matter what I say about these songs, my words won’t do them justice. So, I’m gonna let the music do the talking. Feel free to sit back, hit play, and get prepared to zone out to some killer trance music.

Humpday Hotlist (11/11/15)

Welcome back for another Humpday Hotlist! This week features brand new music from big-name artists.

The first track is an edit of “Ghost Town” by Adam Lambert. It is very similar to the original but a little bit chiller. Good stuff.

“Sins” and “Souls,” by Borgeous, were released at the same time as an EP. As the names of the tracks are somewhat opposites, these tracks feature opposite styles. “Sins” is more house while “Souls” is more progressive.

The fourth song, “Got The Love,” was my Track of the Week, so that was a shoo-in.

The final track, “If We Can’t,” is another future house track, a subgenre I have been featuring a lot lately. To me, the drops are really interesting, and this song does not disappoint.

Humpday Hotlist: Week of 11/2/15

Hello readers! I hope you all had a great Halloween weekend; I know I did. In fact, a few of the songs included in this playlist are songs I found this past weekend and was able to play on my radio show, so that always makes the weekend a little sweeter.

The first song, “Let It Breathe,” is a song I found last May and completely forgot about until it came up on a shuffle on my phone last week. It has excellent vocals and served as a perfect fit to begin this hotlist.

The second song is by Above & Beyond. I was disappointed this past August at Veld Music Festival when I was unable to see this group perform due to weather. Luckily, I can still listen to their music whenever I choose to.

The third song is one I found this past Thursday. I finally got around to watching “We Are Your Friends,” and this song was included in the movie’s soundtrack. Although some parts of the movie were unrealistic, overall, I enjoyed it.

The fourth song is an original mix by yours truly. I dabble in the world of music production, and this is a track that I put out last semester. I figured I would throw it in this week to do a little promoting. Please leave me some feedback on the track in the comments below.

The final song is a song I found Saturday morning while preparing for my radio show. The Showtek Edit of “Space Jungle” is a dope track, and it was produced by my future wife, Eva Shaw.

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!

Humpday Hotlist: Halloween Edition

This week’s Hotlist is titled “Halloween Edition,” but that is mostly just because it is Halloween week. Most of the songs have absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, but they are still hot tracks.

The first song is a remix by Nora En Pure of “Shades of Grey” by Oliver Heldens and Shaun Frank. The original of this song is one of my favorite songs from the summer, but I like the vibe of this song more.

The second song is “Theme O” by Madison Mars. Nothing to say about this song except that it’s actual fire.

The third song is a track set to be released soon by Ummet Ozcan. Ozcan is a producer who uses a lot of mallet-type synths and huge leads. His songs have similar sounds, but they are all unique at the same time.

The fourth song is the only one that has anything to do with Halloween. If you have ever seen the movie “Hocus Pocus,” you will recognize the lyrics.

The final song is a song that will also be released soon. This song has a really interesting synth at the drop, a sound that I have never heard before. Combined with the bass line, it creates a melody that is hard not to dance to.

Have a great Halloween, and if you’re feeling it, be sure to drop this playlist at your costume parties this weekend.

Humpday Hotlist: A Little Soul, A Little Hype

This week has been pretty stressful so far, so I wanted to create a playlist that is relaxing and gives off positive energy. While on SoundCloud earlier today, I came across a song I hadn’t noticed last week. “Breaking the Doors” was just the song I needed for the first song in the list. It has great instrumentals, cool vocal samples, and a chill, yet hype drop. And that goes for the other songs in the list as well.

“Wombass,” a song set to be released by Tiesto and Oliver Heldens, is really interesting. Apparently, they are trying to create a new subgenre titled “Next Level Future House,” and I like it.

The third song is a remix by Paris Blohm, a producer I have always respected. The original version of “One In A Million” is a great song, and this remix does it justice.

“Sweet Escape” came out awhile ago, but it still gives me goosebumps when I hear it. Alesso knows how to produce stellar music, and this song is a testament to that.

The final song is a banger by Steve Aoki that gives off some great energy, a perfect way to finish the list. Happy Humpday!

Track of the Week: Nobody to Love (Third Party Remix)

In another edition of the Track of the Week, I chose the Third Party Remix of Nobody to Love by Sigma. The version I usually hear of this song when hanging with friends is the original (which is great), but I’m quick to recommend this remix. Friends in the past have quickly fallen in love with it, and I’m sure you will have a similar reaction.

Humpday Hotlist: It Feels Like Monday

Hooray for the fact that it’s Wednesday. Coming off a four-day weekend, today has sure felt significantly more like Monday than Wednesday, but I won’t complain about the fact that there are only two more days until the weekend! As I’m guessing all of you need it as well, here are some feel good tracks to give you some energy in getting back into the swing of things. The remix of “Say My Name” has been stuck in my head for roughly six straight days now, so it needed to be first. “Satellites” was my Track of the Week, so that was a gimme. The new DVBBS song, “Never Leave,” is really interesting. The way they programmed the vocals make them super trippy, but the drop brings you right back to reality- and fistbumping. Also included is a banger by Nervo and a bass-filled jam by JAUZ. I hope this playlist gets you successfully through to Friday night!

Humpday Hotlist: Top 5 Tracks of the Week

Happy Humpday! This week’s Hotlist includes some diversity. “Fall Under Skies” starts off the playlist, and that’s for a reason. This song has really cool synths and percussion at the drop. Some of the sounds that combine to create the drop are sounds that you would normally never hear in a song, but the creative producers Jonas Aden and Robby East were able to make it work. The second song, “All My Love” in the Mike Mago remix, is my Track of the Week, so I obviously have a liking for it. The new Hardwell track, “Mad World,” is one of the first singles Hardwell has released since putting out his album last year. In his usual progressive style, Hardwell combined the vocals of Jake Reese with his production skills to make a banger. EDX’s new track, “Belong,” is a must hear. And finally, “Refined” by Connor Cruise is a song I never would’ve come across if it weren’t for SoundCloud, but I am glad I did. Enjoy, and remember: only two days until the weekend!