Track of the Week: Memories Will Fade

Sitting in my room one day last semester, I decided to go online and search the top EDM songs of the week. The top track was an “ID” by Yves V. Essentially what this means is that the track was unreleased, the artist played it at a show, and people thought it was sick. I hit play and jammed out to a song that I would soon forget about.

A few weeks back, I watched Yves V perform at TomorrowWorld. Suddenly, one of the tracks he played sparked a memory in me. It took me back to that “ID” that I had never followed up on when it was released. I quickly captured the song title on Shazam and proceeded to YouTube to hear it again.

This track, released as “Memories Will Fade,” was produced in conjunction with Promise Land. The vocals are provided by Mitch Thompson. I love everything about this song. On what is once again a stressful Monday, I had just the song I needed sitting in my back pocket to upload as my Track of the Week. For those who love EDM and for those who just love good music, this song is sure to bring you some goosebumps. Throw on some headphones, turn up the volume, and “fade” away to this song.


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