Humpday Hotlist: A Little Soul, A Little Hype

This week has been pretty stressful so far, so I wanted to create a playlist that is relaxing and gives off positive energy. While on SoundCloud earlier today, I came across a song I hadn’t noticed last week. “Breaking the Doors” was just the song I needed for the first song in the list. It has great instrumentals, cool vocal samples, and a chill, yet hype drop. And that goes for the other songs in the list as well.

“Wombass,” a song set to be released by Tiesto and Oliver Heldens, is really interesting. Apparently, they are trying to create a new subgenre titled “Next Level Future House,” and I like it.

The third song is a remix by Paris Blohm, a producer I have always respected. The original version of “One In A Million” is a great song, and this remix does it justice.

“Sweet Escape” came out awhile ago, but it still gives me goosebumps when I hear it. Alesso knows how to produce stellar music, and this song is a testament to that.

The final song is a banger by Steve Aoki that gives off some great energy, a perfect way to finish the list. Happy Humpday!


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