Humpday Hotlist: Top 5 Tracks of the Week

Happy Humpday! This week’s Hotlist includes some diversity. “Fall Under Skies” starts off the playlist, and that’s for a reason. This song has really cool synths and percussion at the drop. Some of the sounds that combine to create the drop are sounds that you would normally never hear in a song, but the creative producers Jonas Aden and Robby East were able to make it work. The second song, “All My Love” in the Mike Mago remix, is my Track of the Week, so I obviously have a liking for it. The new Hardwell track, “Mad World,” is one of the first singles Hardwell has released since putting out his album last year. In his usual progressive style, Hardwell combined the vocals of Jake Reese with his production skills to make a banger. EDX’s new track, “Belong,” is a must hear. And finally, “Refined” by Connor Cruise is a song I never would’ve come across if it weren’t for SoundCloud, but I am glad I did. Enjoy, and remember: only two days until the weekend!


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