Humpday Hotlist: Top 5 House Tracks of the Week

Today marks the first Humpday Hotlist. As I initially got my start in the world of EDM, I had a certain affinity for progressive house and electro house. However, over the last few months, my tastes have shifted towards house. I enjoy the sound of the compressed piano that is present in many of these tracks. It adds a certain ambiance to each track that it’s present in, and it’s something I believe everyone can enjoy.

This playlist includes two songs from Don Diablo, including a brand new song that was just released with Tiesto. You will also find a really cool song by Mike Mago that crosses over into tropical house. “Alone No More” is a track by a lesser known DJ and producer, Philip George, that I can’t seem to put on pause. I think the coolest song on this list, though, is the Firebeatz remix of “The Party,” which itself was a remix of “This Is How We Do It,” a song which debuted in 1995. Enjoy!


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